Current Projects



Abstract Experimentations

Los Angeles based artist Wessel and his abstract experimentations


Since March of 2019 I have been experimenting relentlessly in the field of abstract art, the expression of pure thoughts, subconscious screams, and unbridled energy. There has been no place in my mind that I have not dared to go, though there are still many places for me left to plumb. Size does not scare me, unless it means it will limit what I am trying to say. From small 8x8's all the way up to bigger 4'x5's with even larger canvases on my mind, I see cotton, paper and linen as a sketchbook to splash out whatever happens to be up with me. The desire I have to better understand myself through this current experimentation is boundless. Where abstract can be taken...I am excited to find out. To date, Sept 2019, I have painted probably close to 300 abstract pieces.



 The One Hundred

Los Angeles based artist Wessel and his 100 project


This project started in June of 2019 as a challenge to myself to see if I could paint 100 16x20 canvases. Or, to be more specific, push myself to experiment with different styles without thought of just try, on a hundred different 'pieces of paper.' I felt this would be an interesting project to begin to involve those who wanted to be a part of the journey I'm on and so used a sponsorship program to fund a good part of painting. Each sponsor got to choose a selection of colors from a list that I sent. With those 5 colors I had to paint a series of 5 abstracts following whatever mood and direction I happened to be headed. At this time all sponsorship positions have been filed and I am in the process of finishing the last 12. 


 Untitled Project


The full scope of what this project is, is not yet clear to me. An experiment that started Dec 2018, it has progressed at its own pace through the months and for a long time sat dormant on the side. There were many ideas that my mind has, and is playing with as to where it will go. For now, I'm going to keep closed-lipped on what I do have done, only to say I am sculpting and creating mixed media pieces with metal wire. A definite desire to sculpt more, bigger, different, lies deep inside me, but as to the timing of when I can let it out...I do not know. As art is wont to do, it decides. There are beasts and other things that wish to be seen...


Untitled Project

Los Angeles based artist Wessel and another untitled art project


Another untitled project which I do not wish to go too much into detail as I am still trying to gain perspective on it. An outpouring of 3D effort from a traditionally 2D surface to express a series of deep emotions I am working through, I am excited how it is coming together so far. At 6 pieces, I believe it will continue for at least 4 more as I begin to gain some footing on how exactly I wish to let things out. This series has been a roller coaster of ups and downs as I see a number of subconscious thoughts roiling their way to the surface and finding a home, well, where they do. Texture and form mixed with emotion. Always asking, how could I better show what I feel. Started July 2019.


 Meditation Mats

Los Angeles based artists latest project Meditation Mats

This is a current pet and business project for me. A direct combination of my artistic skill and desire merged with business sense and monetary need, this series was birthed from the simple desire a friend had to use this work in a special way. 'Can I sit on this painting and meditate?' was the question that sparked the whole thing. Many might be offended, but I was intrigued. Art as a tool for meditation is no new thing, but, to see my art as a way to focus, heal, and grow in a palatable sense, amazing. I feel the lines between art and view should be blurred anyways, that they should want to interact with the piece, to touch it, feel it, sit on it... There is power in people taking possession of a piece in such a way, in breaking the rules of propriety, of telling yourself that it's okay to make something you find beautiful from another into something more beautiful of your own. My friend swears by his painting, Life Static, and I swear by mine, Gravity's Well, and soon there will be more people feeling the same way. I am not unique in the idea, only the execution. 3x3 raw cotton canvas and acrylic. Started June 2019.


Abstract Ink 

Current abstract ink art project by Los Angeles based artist Wessel

Started Aug 2019 on a Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop as an answer to how to vent the creativity that was stocking up inside while I could not afford paint. A lesson to me that creativity has no bounds and will find an outlet if you're willing to try something different and go with the flow. An excellent practice in color balance and abstractification, there are a number of paths doing this series has opened up in my other artistic avenues. This series is ongoing and will likely continue for a while as it is also being used for art meditation, a nice way to end the day, even though they take a good amount of time to do.


Anger Management 

Los Angeles based artist Wessel and his anger management project


July was a crazy month for me as I pushed forward faster and harder with paint, until, one day I got to a breaking point and wondered, wtf am I doing? All these abstracts, so much raw emotion thrown down on to canvas, but, something was missing. All these emotions were still roiling deep inside me, expressed, but unprocessed. So, one day with several 3'x3' raw canvases sitting around me, I decided to go through the specific emotions that are haunting me and see if I could begin to work through them in a direct way through art. Not just screaming, but finding definition because the more you are able to define something, the more you are able to root it out. An ongoing project current on pause because of higher priority series.