Yippee! My business cards came!

Los Angeles graphic artist Doodles by Wessel new business cards

Technology has replaced a lot, but, for some odd reason business cards have managed to stick around. Most of us end up throwing them out without even looking at them, but, to be asked and not to have one is an unforgivable business sin.

More times than I’d like to admit I’ve been caught flat-footed without that little piece of useful paper. So, I decided to do the smart thing and put some together right at the beginning.

I’ve gone through different stages of creativity, marketing myself in a myriad of ways, making business cards along the way. You always want to make sure people know exactly what you do. I really should put them in a binder for posterity because when I find the random card here or there they always make me chuckle.

International marketing, business consulting, portrait photography, food photography, dog photography, fashion photography, travel writing, managing editor, the list goes on...

The great thing is that they’ve gotten easier and easier to put together. What information needs to go on them, how to make them eye-catching, you know, the important stuff. They may not be perfect, but they get the job done. And, as a freelance commercial creative, I’ve learned that’s good enough. It doesn’t mean I pay any less attention to detail or quality, but, you know. It’s the truth. Good enough...

But, when it comes to my art, there is never any good enough.

Totally cliche.

Who I am, where to go, a preview of what you’ll see, and a hook to make them look. Do you think I covered all of those bases? I’ve had people asked about a phone number, my email, those obviously missing bits. I did that on purpose, with these cards I’m less interested in people making personal contact with me, more in driving them to the site. If they want to get a hold of me, well, that’s what a contact page is for.

I’m really excited about these. So excited I got 1000 of them. I want to drop, give, leave, hide, stick, and put them everywhere. Artists live and die by the number of people who see their work, and I plan to stay alive. I’ve even got a trip coming up tomorrow. Back to Milwaukee to see my family for Thanksgiving. The opportunities I’m going to have to spread my brand to that part of the country really excites me. Yes, I said the word excited a lot, hehe. Because it’s true.

With this new project of mine, my new evolution, I’ve found something that I’ve never had before. It’s a weird thing; purpose, once you discover it. You never know how long it will take to get to the point where you finally recognize it, but, when you do, wow.

But, enough of my random ramblings on business cards and journeys of self discovery.

Be well everyone!


Los Angeles graphic artist Doodles by Wessel new business cards

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