Wisconsin, art, awesomeness...oh my!

More abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

To say my trip back to Wisconsin was a success is an understatement.

Paintings done, money made, support had...it was pretty damn good. I had people I never thought would be interested in what I did as an artist pretty much pushing cash into my pocket and fighting over canvases. After the drought for me in Los Angeles, well, it was refreshing. More than refreshing, necessary.


My parents definitely got a kick out of me being home, as parents always do, and when they said I could paint in the basement, I don’t think they realized what would happen. Perhaps they expected me to do a couple canvases, maybe get a bit of paint here and there, and then be gone again. But, they didn’t quite understand what I would do if I had the opportunity.

More abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel 

Money, space, support.

That’s all I needed to be off to the races. All I need, really. Such simple things yet, strangely hard for me to get a hold of. But, for a couple weeks I had all of them, and, well, damn it was good.


The creative space of Los Angeles artist Wessel while in Wisconsin

Without the usual limitations I have at my home base in Los Angeles I went wild. I started by playing around with my usual 16x20 canvases, but quickly jumped to 24x36 and 30x30, and even larger, without even blinking. I was finally able to tell longer stories with my colors and lines, stretch my arms and legs, so to speak. I think the people at the local art store got a kick out of me coming by every couple of days dropping hundreds of dollars on paint and canvas. It was crazy fun picking up 5 or 6 24x36’s at a time and paint to match.

 New collection of abstract art by graphic creative Wessel

Abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

Again, I have to state that I don’t think my parents expected me to paint as much as I did.

I don’t think anyone did. For me, it was just the same-old. If I have paint, canvas, and time, it’s what I do. There is so much I still don’t understand that I can’t help but experiment. Everything I create is me trying to answer a list of questions in my head. So far, as hard as I’ve tried, still no answers, only more questions.


Sitting here over a cup of coffee at Weird Wave looking back as I write this..wow, I needed that experience. Los Angeles has been one of the toughest times in my life on so many levels...to a degree that would break most people, but those weeks I was back in my home town showed me what was possible, and in the most unexpected of places. I mean, seriously, the Midwest and abstract art?

 Abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

It might be rough times again here in LA, but I know what is possible if I get my hands on what I need, so I just need to get up, out and to it.


Thanks for stopping by and looking! Hope y’all have a great day!



Abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

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