VLOG BURN or BUY 3 has begun!

Los Angeles artist Wessel working on his project Burn or Buy 3

It’s happening again friends!

Another BURN or BUY! I know it’s been a minute and I’m sorry for that. The first 2 times I did this it was a blast, even though I didn’t get to torch anything. As an artist I’m always trying to sell my paintings, you know, because I gotta eat, but putting the whole burn spin on it is just too much fun. I have a number of people who love my work who hate me for doing this, but, there are reasons (watch the video ;).


Last night I finally had the inspiration and supplies to make BURN or BUY 3 happen. One of my repurposed canvases sang out to me as I was in my creative flow yesterday and that couldn’t be ignored. It had been so long that the project had almost been forgotten, but, good ideas hate to die.

 Burn or Buy 3 project by Los Angeles artist Wessel close up

If you’re not sure wtf I’m talking about

And want to get a better idea of what exactly I’m gonna do, check out my short VLOG and it will all make sense...probably. Think, raging fire, money, dancing around pits holding art...ya know, a regular Tuesday night in LA. Or maybe your group meets on Fridays?

 I’m gonna do my best to keep BURN or BUY more regular. It’s hard to do as I’m getting my feet back underneath me, but stuff like this is gonna be more help than cost so NO MORE EXCUSES for me :)


If ya liked what you saw and wanna collect, check out my Patreon for an art subscription or commission...hey, that rhymes.

Or if you’re just down for some dope Merch check out my main site
Thanks for dropping by!
Burn or Buy 3 project by Los Angeles artist Wessel close up

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