VLOG A deeper look into some pieces from an unreleased art series

Wassup everyday friends! :)

Got back to the VLOG yesterday with a post that my awesome followers on Instagram encouraged me to write. Six people stood up and shouted through a poll that I should talk about a couple new pieces of art that I finished.


The series isn’t anything that I’ve shown before...not really, probably in some Instagram stories and texts to friends, but that’s it. I’m wary of showing it all...to be honest it’s pretty near and dear to my heart and because my techniques are so basic...like kid stuff...I’m shy about what people will think.


But, I’m gonna stand up and let y’all know what at least a couple of the pieces are about.

Talking about my art is something I need to get more comfortable with, which is why I love these VLOGS...almost feels like I’m doing it in the 3rd person...but someday, hopefully soon, it will be at a gallery opening for my work. Scary stuff for someone who’s been away from the world for a while.


Can’t let fear stand in the way of anything though, you gotta keep on surging forward, no matter how things look. If you’re trying to pull yourself out of a black hole it’s gonna be just as hard all the way out, if not harder as you get tired at the edge...and eventually you’ll run into another black hole that sucks you in...there’s no escape from the ups and downs of life. Just gotta be, and be the best you can :)


Hope you enjoy this closer look at two important pieces to me.

Gotta figure a good name for the series. And, gotta make more. Lots of mushy, spikey, happy, angry to get out.


Again, big shout out and love to my people on Instagram. Without them and others...damn...no idea. It’s not about the ego...it’s about knowing there’s more people out there like me...and connecting.

 Love ya! 







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