Vlog 7 Accidental moves forward

It is amazing how many things

You can learn from accidents and mistakes. My haphazard journey through art so far has been a random hodge-podge of just that, mostly accidents and mistakes. But, what they can teach you, show you, well, it’s awesome.

Sitting on my lovely porch, again enjoying the lovely Los Angeles weather on a quiet Labor Day, I go through one of my early art pieces that helped give me insight into a whole different style of technique. What to many might be a ‘duh’ moment, was an epiphany to me that started a whole chain of events.


Today I keep it quick and to the point

As I want to try and spend some time with friends and create some sort of balance between work and everything else. Trying to build my I Am Wessel brand is a non-stop marathon of doing things that I’ve found has engulfed pretty much every waking moment. A goal of mine is to change that...but, that’s for a different post.


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