Vlog 2 Recent work

A recent abstract ink drawing by Los Angeles artist Wessel

Look at me!

Getting a video log started and making it to the second post, hehe. There’s still a lot for me to learn on how to shoot these, but I think I figured out an interesting topic; the stuff that’s behind all my work.


What does that mean, behind all of my work? Well, it’s basically me talking about some art pieces I’ve finished. It’s also going to include random bouts of me rambling about a topic, talking about inspirations/techniques, and whatever happens to cross my mind or be requested.



Today’s vlog focuses on some of my most recent ink drawings.

An evolution made up of a combination of previous work comes out in a colorful, contrasty way. So, where did these ideas come from, how did they come together, how I feel about what’s going on, that’s what you’ll see.

I love this new art direction that’s taken ahold of me. Even though it stems mainly from my lack of resources to get paint, it’s so interesting for me to see how different situation affects what I work on, how, and why. Sometimes you just can’t help where you’re at, so, you just gotta make the best of it. That’s probably the greatest lesson I’m learning from all this. Something that’s good to be able to recognize every once in a while between, well, the darkness.


So, if you wanna get an inside look

At a Los Angeles artist and his latest work, check out Wessel’s (mine) Vlog 2 Recent Work! :)

Thanks for dropping by.



A recent abstract ink drawing by Los Angeles artist Wessel

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