VLOG 10 Pieces of my soul

Bwahahaha, I've made it 10 days straight so far!

Ten days of talking about my art and life. Following through on my commitment to step up to the next level of creation. The whole process of planning, shooting, editing, and sharing on the various social media channels, it's getting more and more natural. There's a lot of backlogged stuff about me to cover so this is gonna be a blast.

Today VLOG is pretty important to me...though I guess you could say all of these are to one degree or another, but, these paintings all contain the seed of something that I see repeating itself through my art in various ways. How I painted them, why, the gritty little details, it's (almost) all here. 


This intense, on-video reminiscing is exhausting, but equally exhilarating.

I get to see the different dots as they attach themselves to one another over time, new ones pop up, getting woven in to my crazy little tapestry of art called life, or life called art... And, the greatest thing is none of this matters so I can just be myself. Observed or unobserved, it's about the being.

I hope you enjoyed this post of mine. Telling stories is what I love to do and the more people that hear the better.

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Hope y'all have a great day!


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