The Self Preservation Society is born!

Los Angeles artist begins a new series Self Preservation Society

Speaking of sets, I decided to start another one.

The Self Preservation Society. This design actually pre-dates It’s the ‘End of the World...and no one cares’ by quite a bit, but, getting it into a final form has been a journey. And, to be honest, I have no idea where I’m going to take the series from here. Which, in my opinion, is just fine. It’s a wide open concept and very mood related, hehe.


Self Preservation Society logo 1, and, yes, that’s what it’s named, was the first design that I did after putting together the Moto Tecnica art. Getting that work done for the motorcycle repair shop here in East Los Angeles opened up a whole new world for me. In a way it was like breaking a dam, and since then the water has been flowing steady.


The way that I pieced together all the elements for Moto Tecnica, the wings, hands, skull, wheel, and whatnot, showed me that the designs I make don’t have to be a full, completed pieces from the beginning. 

Probably basic knowledge to anyone who’s taken classes in graphic design or art, but a  revelation to me. It freed me from the idea that everything needs to be perfect from the beginning. Not to mention the modularity of all the different elements that I’ve begun to create.

 Los Angeles artist begins a new series Self Preservation Society

With Self Preservation Society logo 1, there were more lessons to be learned as well. The concept of repurposing and options. One design could be used in many ways. It wasn’t just something that should be shown by itself, but, putting words with it, changing the colors, adding multiples, and, just playing around, could create many more cool things...without corrupting the original intent. Again, probably Design 101, but, valuable lessons to me.


So why the heck did I draw this? What’s the meaning? Where did it come from?


A theme in my current work, you might notice, has been gas masks and skulls. I’m not a huge fan of either, strangely enough, but they fit a certain motif that is shaking around my skull. Skulls, as a representation of mortality, the fragility of life, the knowledge that we only have a limited time on this earth, that underneath the skin we’re all the same. Gas masks, as a means to protect ourselves from the noxious fumes that fill our daily atmosphere. The amount of BS, apathy, hate, and whatnot that we can’t help but breath in, well, I want to protect myself from that.


Note how there’s no transportation imagery, as in I wanna escape from it, because there is no escape from it. Like the fact that we can never truly hide from ourselves, we cannot, and should not cut ourselves off completely from society. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take steps to protect ourselves...thus the Self Preservation Society. We can still do a lot to help others, but, the I should always come first. 

 Los Angeles artist begins a new series Self Preservation Society

There’s a lot more to what’s going on in the background with some of these designs, but, those details are the kind you need to talk about in person :)


This whole artistic journey has been amazing. Sure, it’s been the most painful time in my life as I’ve had to surmount challenge after challenge at a pace that would send most running for the hills, but, truly, what I’ve learned about myself and others...has been worth it. Now, here’s to hoping the financial catches up with the spiritual!


Thanks for stopping by and taking a minute to read my blog. If you like this design check it out in the Latest Designs gallery. If you REALLY like it and decide to buy, use the code NEWDESIGN at the checkout for a 10% discount and thank you from me :)


Be well!




Los Angeles artist begins a new series Self Preservation Society

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