The point is to try

New black and white painting by Los Angeles Artist Wessel

Yesterday was another intense day of painting.

I crashed through more canvas and paint than I probably should room is littered with new work and I can barely walk around it. Some of my new art I love, some of it I hate...and those canvases will be recycled because all it takes is a fresh coat of gesso and I’m back at the beginning.

At some point in the last couple days this weird thought was planted in the back of my mind. Maybe it was a fragment of knowledge from when I was a photographer, maybe it was a desire to take a break from my obsession with color, but, I decided to go monochrome for a minute. I put away the reds, blues, yellows, and challenged myself to just black and white.


New black and white painting by Los Angeles Artist Wessel

Why? Well, why not?

It was drilled into me with my camera that black and white is where the skeleton for great work is created. There’s no hiding in distracting colors, lines and distribution carry even more weight, and if you can make something so simple appealing to the eye...well, the skies the limit. Or, maybe I just wanted to try something different. Black and white, singing their sirens song, lured me to them...

Did I know how it was going to turn out? Not at all. With all the painting I’ve been doing lately, all the different techniques I’ve been working on, with all the different flows of energy making their way through me...I was excited to try. I mean, the tension contained between those two paints, the friction that could be created between the most basic of creative could you say no once you’ve begun to have those thoughts? I certainly couldn’t say no.


New black and white painting by Los Angeles Artist Wessel 

The whole point is to just try.

A thought is a grand thing, but it doesn’t mean jack until you try and bring it into reality. I had no idea what was going to happen, but, I tried, and look what came out. They could have been dismal failures, but I still would have been glad I tried, because I would have learned how not to do them. If you sit around and don’t try, nothing will happen...but, if you never know how it will turn out. Think I might try applying that to other parts of my life as well, hehe.

Thanks for dropping by and reading! Hope y’all have a great day. Time for me to get back to painting.



  • These are amazing!! Love them!

  • It’s good to try something different. I truly love your last piece in your post. Amazingly beautiful! Looks like granite! -J

    Judith Vicari

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