The art and fun of wasting paint

New splash art paintings by Los Angeles graphic artist Wessel

There’s a point to wasting paint.

There’s also a lot of fun in wasting paint. Lots. As strapped as I am for money at this point in my art life I realize and embrace the value of just letting loose. There are so many different directions the creative mind can take, literally infinite, that without experimentation, without expecting to get nothing from what you’re doing, that you could spin in circles doing nothing until the day you die. The what-if’s and what-woulda turning over and over in your mind. Too concerned for not being wasteful, the only results blank paper.

After my last round of screaming with paint at canvas, I decided to carry on. There’s a lot of raw emotion, mainly anger and frustration, that are brimming under my smiling exterior. I haven’t been dong this art thing for a long time, so, my technical skills probably compare to a 10 year olds. Thus when I try and express, it comes out all...well...messy. I have no schema in my head for how to form what I want to say any better. Thus, splash, dash, and roar!

 New splash art paintings by Los Angeles graphic artist Wessel

Art is like a language.

You need to learn how to speak it. Like when I learned Japanese all those years ago, it’s simply a matter of working at it. Practicing on a daily basis, making mistakes, understanding that it’s just gonna take time before anyone really understands what you’re trying to say. Or, just being able to say what you want. Things start hella garbled, but, eventually you’re getting drunk with really cool people in a strange dive bar off some side street in Kyoto telling stories that you’ll never admit to your parents...

I know what I’m doing right now with all this paint is super basic.

I’ve seen my share of upturned noses when I say, ‘check this out.’ I know that anyone with enough interest and enough paint anyone could pull stuff like this off...but, it’s a stage I need to go through. There’s no single right route to become an artist and to expect to come up with amazing finished products without feeling the pain of failure is ridiculous. You need to be willing to waste paint, paper, your time, in order to get better.

 New splash art paintings by Los Angeles graphic artist Wessel

Because, the secret is, you’re not wasting anything.

If you’re doing it right you’re paying attention to the things you like, the things you don’t, and continually improving. Well, improving is the wrong word....getting better at how you like to do things as an artist.

You gotta throw yourself into your art, at your art, and damn the consequences of failure...because, eventually, if you keep it up, they will take you to success.

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Be well!


New splash art paintings by Los Angeles graphic artist Wessel

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