Some photos from happy customers

Some photos from happy customers

It’s late at night where I’m at and I just got back from a night out with the family but I wanted to share these photos from happy customers who pre-ordered my first t-shirt that have been trickling in over the last couple of days.

I’m new to this whole art thing.

I’ve been creating as a photographer and videographer for close to a decade, but, drawing, painting, graphic art, this stuff is a whole new ball game. When I first floated the idea of printing up one of my shirts I was hesitant. I mean, I think everyone is the first go around. But, I had 5 people not only give me a thumbs up, but money. Which, last time I checked is the key to any business. You make things people want and they pay you for them.

Cookies and a new preordered graphic art t-shirt by wessel

I say 5 people as a pretty specific number. It’s a bit weird, I know. I trust my gut 100% when I decide what I want to do, but, when dipping back into reality from art world looking for commercially viable ideas I need a sounding board. I’ve got a wide variety of amazing friends spanning the globe(yes, a majority of the first run was bought by them, but that’s how it usually starts) and they let me know what they really think. Which is super important to me. The whole creative ideas meets reality thing.

So, thanks to those great people now I have a whole site filled with just a small taste of the designs I’ve already made.

Me and some friends with new preordered graphic art t-shirt by wessel

Their interest and desire to buy my work and show it off on t-shirts inspired me to push forward as hard as I can. The ideas that I have going in my head, well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

In fact, I’ll be releasing a brand new Stick Figure design in under 12 hours.

I call it, New Beginnings. Cornball, I know, but that’s how I feel about it. I keep on going on about these evolutions in my work, and, I think you’ll see it, and, well, hopefully like it enough to buy it. An artist can always dream :)

Until then, be well everyone!


PS Yes, women bought the shirt as well; 3 so far. Pics to come soon :)

new preordered graphic art t-shirt by wessel On a happy customer

new preordered graphic art t-shirt by wessel on a happy customer

Austin Texas new preordered graphic art t-shirt by wessel on a happy customer

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