Some deeper thoughts on my recent work

Recent abstract ink artwork by Los Angeles artist Wessel

Hey friends! My apologies for the gaps that are beginning to appear in my blog.

They aren’t due to laziness or forgetfulness, just my depression has been kicking my ass the last couple days making me think that what I write here doesn’t matter at all...which isn’t all.

Today I want to chat a bit about the recent pen ink art pieces I’ve been rocking every couple days. Part meditation, part color theory, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire notebook to them to see how they evolve.

Recent abstract ink artwork by Los Angeles artist Wessel

A buddy asked me today, ‘what’s your color theory? Why do you choose the colors you do?’

There are many answers to that on a crazy amount of levels, but, right now mostly it’s just gut. Like my Boxes series from way back I’m trying to balance the weights of whatever colors I happen to feel good about at the moment. I’m also limited by the selection offered at the store near me and what I think are good combos.

Recent abstract ink artwork by Los Angeles artist Wessel

When I pull my notebook out sometimes I have an inspiration, usually in the form of an intention to express an emotion or deal with a frustration that’s risen to the surface. I’m a jumble of anger, frustration, and ambition, so to be as bold to say that I’m able to create something complex and specific would be an outright lie. There’s way too much that I need to deal with, to quiet certain sounds, to really allow for the space inside necessary to build concepts greater than just guttural screams that I’m currently voicing.


I color by feeling.

The beginning is hardest. Not the lines, those are fun. The meaning behind the piece, stories I create inside my head to guide my hand as it squiggles around...before I need to start creating to full ‘story.’ A lot of the time the way my pen moves is building on things I’ve learned from previous pieces, how certain ones create certain vibes that I want to express, or just like how they look. How should I space them, how crazy should each color be, should this color used zig zags or circle, straight lines or curved...? I try not to think too much in the moment but I know it’s going on and can see it upon reflection.

Recent abstract ink artwork by Los Angeles artist Wessel

How I choose where to put each’s hard to explain.

The guide lines definitely influence things. Like, where is the white space, does the overall piece feel square, I ‘see’ something standing out, or is it a piece that will build as I go? I usually start with a single color, filling in in ways I feel either balance, or unbalance things. The second follows, working both to compliment the first, and also contrast.


More colors, that’s a recent development, but, it’s the same process.

I look at the piece and just know where I should color. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes my gut is ‘wrong’, but, the great think about these is that they can evolve. Something I consider a mistake might just be the signpost guiding me to something bigger and, basically I just don’t worry too much. I mean, the only one who will ever know if something went wrong is me, hehe. And, those I let in on the secret, but usually they don’t understand what I mean by what I did wrong and just shrug. There are no mistakes, only the art I create, lol.

Recent abstract ink artwork by Los Angeles artist Wessel

I love the progress I see in this notebook. I’ve started another project, committed to something, and am putting in the time not to just do...but also to reflect and learn. It’s not just a bunch of scribbles randomly colored, there’s a bit of me in all of it...more and more with each piece. The next one might be a complete flop...but what person doesn’t every once in a while? There is no such thing as perfect, and everything is just opinion anyways.


Thanks for dropping by.

I hope you found this quick post taking a look inside my head about my recent work interesting. If you want more details, or have specific questions, please feel free to ask. I’m an open book with no secrets about what I do. Share, share, share, grow together and all that jazz.

 Recent abstract ink artwork by Los Angeles artist Wessel


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