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New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

‘What’s up with those paintings you’ve been posting?’

My dad asked me the other week. Like a scream for help, hard black, reds, and whites splashed out over my canvases. Three 11x14’s covered in raw anger/confusion/frustration, they had actually surprised me as well. Though it’s one of my favorite color combos and I use it a decent bit, they hadn’t come out like this in a long time.


It took a second for me to think of an answer, not long at all, because once I thought about it, it all made sense. When it comes to my art, it’s getting easier and easier to figure out the why...mostly once whatever I had to do is done.

 New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

Dad, they’re my readjustment to Los Angeles.

Right now most of my paintings are my subconscious expressing itself, the things it’s going through, and what it wants. These paintings are just me getting back into the swing of what my subconscious feels is the vibe here.


After 9 days with my family in Paris, it made complete sense to me. Like night and day I could see the difference between what I had painted in Paris, and what I painted in Los Angeles. As I’m writing this yet another thought, rather, understanding, has happened.

New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel 

Since I started painting I’ve now worked in 3 different locations, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, and Paris.

Each time the first several I do are, well, different than what I had been doing in the recent past. It feels like, yes, my subconscious reflects the energy of where I’m at, but it’s most pure only for a short while, before the controls slip back into place and  begin to harness the energy vs being a slave to it.


If I would have had the opportunity to paint more in Paris, I would likely have seen that happen. I can see how it happened once I got back here to LA...only took 3 paintings before I was back into the swing of doing what I do. And, once I get all my paintings back together from Wisconsin, I’m sure I’ll see the same thing.

 New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

Everywhere I go there’s a different energy.

Like the flow of electricity it runs through a place. As an artist, I have to plug in in order to create, but, it takes a moment to get used to the different current. At first it’s jarring, confused, and raw as hell, but, then something clicks, and...I begin to use it how I want to.


I’m curious to see how this adjustment changes over time, or, when I continually go back to non-home locations, how that will affect what comes out. This journey I’m on is confusing, frustrating, and honestly rage-inducing a lot of the time, but, it’s also exciting and fun. To be able to, over time, understand what’s happening, why, and maybe even to use that knowledge to make my art better, it’s hella exciting.

New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel 

What happens next...well, we shall see :)


Thanks for stopping by!



New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

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