New graphic art work by Los Angeles based creative Wessel coming soon

It has been an intense couple of weeks for me, setting up my website, my store, getting my designs in order for sale, every little detail of starting a business. There’s a million things that need to get done and are getting done on a daily basis. With all that, one thing I haven’t been able to do is get a lot of art done. Well, any. All I’ve had time and energy to do is work on the technical skills, basically scribbles on paper learning how lines work together to make things look good.

The good news is I had some time the other day, well, I specifically set aside time to create. That’s a habit, no, something I need to schedule in on a regular basis as a business necessity. I may already have a bunch of designs lined up and ready to go, but, that production lines gotta keep moving.

I’m pretty excited about releasing this new piece. There’s been a lot of evolution going on with my stick figures. From where they started to where they are I’ll be putting together a post about the evolution of my designs in the coming weeks, as things begin to flow. 

What basically started as stick figures randomly jumping around a page living in their own little worlds has become, well, more organized and pointed. They seem to be moving into the same world, though they all still seem to interpret their environment however they want.

I don’t want to go into the details of what it looks like, seems rather dull to read about a dark central figure filled with a green light surrounded by waves of thought and action contained within an ambiguously shaped container...wait...does that count as a preview? There’s also a bunch of red, blue, yellow, and purple. How I mixed those together, only my subconscious knows.

The grind never ends and I gotta head out to an event here in my hometown that my friends are hosting. Like I said, it’s about family. The one you are born to, AND, the one you chose.

Los Angeles based graphic artist Wessel spending time with his familySome family time with one of my sisters adorable pups, Nikko.


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