My second child is born

New metal sculpture by Los Angeles artist Wessel

Twists and turns.

Bends and folds. Steel wire winding round and round weaving in and out. A body slowly begins to form itself in front of me. My child. Second in the series. From the depths of my unconscious, it screams to be given life. And, so, I work. To appease the voice. Blood coats steel in humble sacrifice. 


It’s taking longer than expected, but my second sculpture in the series is slowly coming together. The first is finished, waiting for his, well, I don’t want to give too much away. I will say at the end there is gong to be 3. And there’s a painting to go along with each of them. 

New metal sculpture by Los Angeles artist Wessel 

I’ve never done something like this before, use metal to make something.

The idea of sculpting has always been on the fringes of my mind...clay, stone, wood... there’s something about the visceral kick to the heart as you holding it in your  hand and give a physical form to an idea that has attracted me. It’s so different from painting, yet, the same.


I also want to state for the people scared of giving something like this a try, it’s not as hard as you think. And, it’s also not that expensive. New artists have to remember the mantra, start cheap!, build from there. I’ve seen so many people get the best of the best, then be intimidated by the materials, not wanting to waste anything, that they never up creating anything. It’s a shame, really. You have all that nice stuff but nothing ever is born. 

 Steel wire sculpture by LA artist Wessel

The biggest thing about creating art like this is time

....and, well, some blood as well. I mean, seriously, go to your local dollar store and you’ll find all you need to create sculptures. Yes, you’ll have to do a bunch of problem solving and jury-rigging to make things work, but, that learning process will help you in the long run.


As this second child of mine works it’s way out of my subconscious and into reality, I can’t describe how much I’m learning, how much personal stuff I’m rocking through, how painful/joyful the process is. Maybe I’m just really weird but I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life. Well, maybe living the life of a leisurely wealthy person traveling...but, then I’d still be creating in some form, hehe. You can’t deny who you are. The more you try, the more it hurts.


Hope y’all have a great day!

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Steel wire sculpture by LA artist Wessel

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