Meditation Mats and some nifty little details

I wanted to follow up yesterdays post

What I’m working on - Meditation Mats, with a written out post so that everything becomes clear to those who may be interested. The concept is pretty simple, the reception so far is positive, it may not be unique (the idea), but the execution is. So, let me get to it.


Meditation Mat paintings by Los Angeles based artist Wessel

Back story:

Meditation has always been on the fringes of my life in one form or another, mainly because of martial arts and my interest in self-improvement. Being a normal human being, I fail regularly at practice and months could by between sessions. This was not got as, well, I got lots of things I need to meditate on, process, etc.


A couple months back, a friend and avid collector latched on to one of my paintings, a 3x3 acrylic on raw canvas. It was a black and white painting, minimalist, but highly expressive (hopefully soon I’ll have a pic of it because like an idiot I forgot to document it). He just had to have it. And the reason was, well, kinda weird.

Meditation Mat paintings by Los Angeles based artist Wessel

‘Can I sit on it?’

Was the question that started it all. The context was that he is deep into meditation and is on a similar path of healing. Trauma and pain in this world is too common...something we all have, and suddenly I was confronted with a unique opportunity.

A lot of the art I create I do in a way that makes people want to touch it. Perhaps there is a deep-seated urge to try and break the barriers between what people think is art, how they should treat it, and how it can be used. So when my friend asked, it was like a mini-lightbulb popped off. Of course I said yes. I mean, how could I deny a friend a potentially better path to healing, and since it was one of my art motivations anyways.


And then time passed

And I let the idea sit. Until, one day while I was creating paintings for a different series, an outlier came out. The answer to a question I was asking as I splashed out Anger Management, ‘what can I, should I, fill the void with?’

Meditation Mat paintings by Los Angeles based artist Wessel

The answer to that was a painting that eventually acquired the name, Gravity’s Well, due to its nature to suck downwards all that I need to shed in order to move forward, process, and heal. Once I started using it, I understood why my buddy smiled every time I asked him about his own Meditation Mat.


Not only had the painting turned into an energetic focal point

To achieve an intention that was deeply rooted in my, but also as one to remind me to practice more. Like a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop, the more I practiced the better I felt the more I wanted to pull out the Meditation Mat and do more. Soon I was doing an hour to two a day...I’ve got a lot of backlogged trauma and pain to work through.


The idea born, rooted, and now acted upon I realized that this idea might be able to help out other people. Using my ability to paint, understanding of the human condition, needs desires, all that jazz, I might be able to allow others to move further down the path. Not getting stuck in all the dogmas, rules, whatnot, but working to connect, create something unique, with unique effects.


Conceptually simple, I want to find people who would be interested in this kind of project, people who meditate, who wants to meditate, and want something like this. Already I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries from other friends, so, it’s real.

Meditation Mat paintings by Los Angeles based artist Wessel

The technical end

Is that I want to paint them on 16ox raw cotton canvas...there’s something just so visceral about that it has the lasting power to be used on a lot of surfaces for a long time. Nothing is forever though, and I want people to know that when they order. Acrylic paint works great, and I’m in the process of figuring out how to protect them a bit better so they last longer and aren’t in direct contact with someone’s butt.


I have plans to add a cushion as well, sandwiched between two layers of canvas. Most people need a bit of padding to protect their bums and I think a half to 3/4 inch could be good. Maybe sew it together wish either a super heavy duty thread or leather...

Meditation Mat paintings by Los Angeles based artist Wessel

Creation will definitely be an interesting process.

I want to start by getting to know the customers intention. Are they specifically searching for peace, strength, fortitude...there’s always a word for what people want. Some people might want a lot...but, you gotta start somewhere. I’ll probably need a few background details to understand fully what’s desired.


Once I know what they want we can figure out the color that represents that to them. For me on Gravity’s Well, with the blues, whites, gold and greens, represented an energetic calm rushing to fill the void where anger had left. Other people will have their own feelings about how color players together.


After painting a couple selection for choice (just in case people are worried that I won’t hit the mark and because I really love to paint anyways) the person will be able to pick their favorite. I want to make sure people are 100% happy with what goes on because, without that kind of satisfaction, how are the creations I make for them supposed to gain the power they need?


To sum it all up

I want to use my ability to paint and understanding of emotion to create tools to help other people meditate and achieve their intentions. The worst is when we set a goal and fail to achieve, because it usually falls into a self-blaming loop that does worse damage. If my painting will help get their butts on the ground to heal and get to their goals...hell yes!

Back-story, technical details, personal goals, yup, I think I hit most of that. But, if you have any questions, are interested in getting one for yourself, or helping with feedback, let me know. 


Thanks for stopping by! This post about Meditation Mat paintings turned into a bit of a book, but, the people who are interested won’t eve notice :)

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Hope y'all have a great day!




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