Left turns and feeling uncomfortable in a good way

New directions with LA artist Wessel

Yesterday I had a bunch of stuff on my to-do list on the art side.

Currently I’m working through a couple sketch commissions, and I got approached by a motorcycle shop to put together some t-shirts while I was enjoying my morning coffee. Set for work for the afternoon, I should have gotten straight to it but...there was an itch in the back of my mind that I just had to scratch.

I don’t want to get into too many details about it as I hate to have the process looked at too much, especially when trying something so completely new to me and so early in the creation. It’s cool though...at least I think it is. Some might be reminded of middle school art class or something, but, you gotta start somewhere and honestly, I think the younger you are the more creativity you have; society and it’s rules hasn’t beaten it out of you yet.


Six hours and I’ve only just gotten started. It was such a weird feeling jumping outside my comfort zone in such a big way.

Yet, at the same time it felt comfortable. In art, you can’t be afraid of the unknown. That place where you have no idea what is going on, where you have to live on the edge and keep upright only by your wits...that’s where the cool stuff gets made.

There’s a lot that can be argued about that. Being good at something allows you to explore all the cool places it can go, how it can be combined with other stuff, what new thing can spring from the remains of the old. But, it’s always out at the rims, just before the darkness, that the most revealing and exciting work is created.


Enough with the rambling.

I just wanted to show some preview images of what’s in the works. Is it cool? Does it suck? I don’t know or really care. To me, it’s just another turn on the road called my life.

Hope y’all have a great day!


New directions with Los Angeles artist Wessel


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