It’s the End of the World

New sticker and graphic art series by LA artist Wessel

...’and I feel fine.’ Well, more like, ‘and no one cares.’

I’ve been on the whole gas mask shtick for a minute now. I can’t remember what started it, but, the more I did, the more people commented on them. So, something like this was bound to happen.


‘This?’ You ask. Yes, this. A series with a name. It’s kind of a cool step for me. Boxes was the first in many ways, but, also, not. I think I cruised through 5 or 6 groupings of them, the only commonality being the fact that they were colored boxes. There was no real theme stringing them together. I didn’t plan, there was no purpose other than experimentation.


Now, though, with ‘It’s the End of the World...and no one cares,’ I’ve begun to formulate a concept and a story, something to tie one piece to the next. And, the coolest part is that there’s a number of other series now coming together in my head because of it.

new gas mask art by Los Angeles creative Wessel


It’s the End of The World...and no one cares, kind of sums up how I think the world feels about the upcoming apocalypse.

Many might say it’s not going to happen, but, if you look at history, how people behaved during the fall of previous civilizations, and how we’re currently acting, all the signs are there. But, still people run about blithely not giving a shit. I mean, we’ve got ecosystems collapsing all over the globe, greed seems to rule over reason, and, all people want to talk about is their favorite show on Netflix.


In a way we’ve all put on gas masks, to filter out the things we don’t want to consume. The world burning around us, we’ve tuned out the signals that should drive us to do something about it, but, why bother? Technology has given us the perfect escape and excuse. Don’t wanna hear about the coral reefs dying? Flip to another channel? Carbon emissions getting out of control? Don’t worry, we’ll think of a device to clean it all up. Tired of hearing how the rich keep on getting all the breaks on the backs of the rest of us? Just find a few articles on dream vacations off your Facebook feed and you’ll feel much better.

 new gas mask art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

The concept itself is still really, really rough, and my execution leaves a lot to be desired (at least for me).


But, that’s how it all begins, with a rough start. Even as I was writing this post, the concept began to evolve and new imagery for what’s gonna come next started to flow. It’s a non-stop process that as a new artist I’m just starting to comprehend.


It’s also fun to see how one idea bleeds into another, cross-pollinating, creating new hybrids. What I’m talking about will become clear shortly as I reveal the next series I’m working on, hehe. For now I hope you enjoy It’s the End of the World...and no one cares. I’m super curious to see how this evolves.


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Be well!



new gas mask art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

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