Incremental growth

Fresh paintings by contemporary creative Los Angeles based Wessel

Months ago I decided to dive deeper on painting, not flip techniques as soon as my attention began to wander a bit.

It was a departure, in part, from my philosophy of always following my gut. I felt it was necessary, though, to get to somewhere I didn’t know where yet. Every subject in art is deep and wide and I wanted to see what happened when I pushed myself further than I necessarily wanted to go. I also knew that any point I could jump off and grab any other of the threads of creation I have in my head.


There’s been a slow growth of how I work my backgrounds, the base of my paintings. They started as single colors and, well, now, the level of complexity has gone up. I’ve become extremely curious with all the different ways I can create that initial feel of energy and emotion, lure the viewer in with implied textures, all that jazz, before I hit them with everything else. Even now I feel pulled in a million directions of how I could do that. There’s another series I’ll talk about in a different post that really takes a step outside what I’ve been doing so far. So, stay tuned for that.


Fresh paintings by contemporary creative Los Angeles based Wessel

Fresh paintings by contemporary creative Los Angeles based Wessel

Some of these paintings I really love.

The way I can really feel the flow in what I did, how I refused to succumb to my desire to add more to them, the energy of the strokes. Others, I see them as a base for ideas that I’m not able to execute on just yet. Some I dislike, but see the value in what they represent. Not everything I paint is gonna be awesome, and this is me getting comfortable with that in a very visceral sense.

Why bother showing art that I don’t think is my best? It goes against all of what social media represents. Outside the perfect, why would anyone bother let anyone see that? Because it’s important to make other people realize that an artistic journey is filled with a lot of difficulties and disappointment, and hiding that slows down the process. I’m tired of hearing people say that they can’t do stuff like this because, well, reasons. No one starts’s a step by step journey filled with pain, suffering, and lots of work. It’s also filled with joy, excitement, and the knowledge you’re on the way to create even more amazing things.


Fresh paintings by contemporary creative Los Angeles based Wessel


My mind is always thinking on how to attract eyes to my art.

I’m not yet at the point where I feel fully comfortable expressing my feelings through my creations. Untamed screams, grunts, wild elation, everything comes out like a broken fire hydrant gushing into the street. I’m still creating the tools of expression. I missed all those years of random arting as a kid, not sure of what I wanted in life, so I gotta play catch-up now.


New abstract art by Los Angeles creative Wessel

Incremental growth, that’s what I gotta believe in.

That the day in and day out of creating will lead to something. It’s tough, I cannot and won’t deny that. Playing is easy, progress is hard. Anyone can throw paint on a canvas, sketch a figure, but to truly express, depart from the normal into the great... And it’s not just technique either, hehe. The mindset, the vision, the stories I want to tell, so much incremental growth to go.


Thanks for stopping by and reading.



Fresh paintings by contemporary creative Los Angeles based Wessel

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