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New design in LA graphic artist Wessel Boxes collection

One of the first things I had to get comfortable with as an artist was the idea of just running with something.

An idea, a color, a design, whatever. Getting started with anything is hard enough, but with art, you’ve got thousands of years of history you’re being measured up against. Technique, heart, and now with social media, how popular are you? Coolness can matter way more than quality... From the start it almost feels like you gotta be the best of the best at something. No mistakes allowed, no mediocrity allowed, cool kids only.

But, everything starts somewhere, everyone starts somewhere.

My obsession for the last couple weeks has been the new series Boxes. Simple colored squares on white and black surfaces. So far from what I think are genius works of art, but, a great way to get started when trying to figure out how to fit colors together, how to put shapes together, stuff like that. And, like I said, you gotta get started somewhere. The more of them I do, the more interesting I get, the more the shapes start to interact with each other in more personal ways.

Playing with colors like this brought back memories of my childhood. Yes, kind of corny, but, there’s something about youth that allows for experimentation that once you turn into an adult is frowned upon. Walking around asking tons of questions, looking at everything like you’ve never seen it before, trying new things without fear of judgement...letting things be simple until they’re ready to be something more.

New design in LA graphic artist Wessel Boxes collection

As an artist, you have to be willing to throw everyday conventions to the wind and look inward for the answers, refusing to let judgement from others guide you.

No one will ever be as harsh a critic as yourself anyways. And, what makes an artist truly unique is them being truly themselves. That’s what I believe.

My Boxes series is me just trying to figure out who me is, with bits of color anyways. To cut away years of filters that have been written into me without my consent and see what’s underneath. I do them because I think they look cool. I put certain colors next to each other because I think they look cool, because I think they bring balance to the overall piece, and sometimes just because I want to.

I love how this new graphic series looks on bags and shirts, and so do a bunch of my friends, which is awesome.

And, yes, this bit is a shameless plug to buy my merchandise. That’s how artists survive ;) Shameless plug after shameless plug. And, got some new products coming soon if I can find the right producer.

What would you think of these Boxes on socks? Right?! :)

Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a great day!


New design in LA graphic artist Wessel Boxes collection

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