Another crazy-ass week in La

new pastel art by los angeles artist wessel

Drugs, art, and pushing boundaries...

Just another week as an artist here in Los Angeles. I really don’t know how better to describe it. From designing a shirt for a local motorcycle repair shop, to exploring deeper with pastels, to getting crazy with acrylics, and finally attending my very first art market/swap meet as a vendor, I’ve been pushing forward faster and faster, harder and harder. The ups and downs of that has been, well, crazy.


The learning process is a simple sequence, try to walk, trip because you don’t know how to do it right, fall on your face, get up, do it again until you move forward. With all the stuff I’ve been doing right now it feels like my face has been bashed in. I’m under an insane amount of pressure to perform, to figure out, to become, to survive, to grow and succeed. Life, I guess, but more intense as I’m not trying to fold myself into anything that exists, but carve out my own niche. 

 new pastel art by los angeles artist wessel

It’s a scary proposal.

To not only try and make my own business, but do it using only what exists inside my own head. Well, not only business, but,’s the cliche of the coin with it’s two sides. Business cannot exist without art, art cannot exist without business. To be an artist you must also do business. The ‘dirty’ side to creativity. Why artists wanting money for what they do, for their creativity, continues to seem ‘dirty’ by society confuses the crap out of me. How else are we supposed to survive?


Following my gut in what I create has turned out to be a good idea. The deeper I trust myself, the more I begin to connect with the things that really matter. All my experiments (work I create) seem to be parts of larger things my subconscious is creating. My obsession with skulls, gas masks, stick figures, and whatever crosses my path, all pieces of a much bigger puzzle that I’m slowly beginning to figure out. Well, even if I do figure out what’s going on, I’m sure it’s just part of something much larger that I haven’t even glimpsed.

 new pastel art by los angeles artist wessel

Basically, it’s been just another week as an artist in Los Angeles, trying to figure my way in business, art, and life.

I have a knack for choosing the hardest of these days I’ll figure out why. But, until then I’m just gonna keep trucking. Work through the pain, and hopefully see what’s on the other side.

stay tuned for new acrylic paintings by LA creative wessel

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