Down another rabbit hole

I finally did it. I finally put together a Patreon.

When I logged in last week to get my act together I realized it had been a project that I’d put off for close to 7 years. That was pretty shocking, to see the ‘last logged in’ info. But, my act is now getting together and I wanted to use this post to announce it as well as introduce you to the first of many video posts.

One thing has become clear to me as I’ve been writing these blogs about my art for the last year or so here on Shopify...people don’t really read. Nothing against them, but, that’s what the metrics show. The visuals, the highlights, and gone again. Words, just, ugh.

So, it is upon me to change to a medium that’s easier to digest.

As good of a writer as I am, video is just easier. Gotta add some text about abstract art, painting, acylic, and contemporary art for SEO, but, from now on I’ll try and keep everything to a short 3-10 minute video. 

As for the Patreon campaign that I’m running, check it out at:

All the details about the tiers, rewards, goals, whatnot, is up there.

I like to think of it like an art subscription service for those who see value in what I’m doing and want to be along for the ride. The journey so far has been pretty wild, and I’m fairly certain it’s about to get a lot wilder.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions about my Patreon, feel free to ask. Or, just sign up and be a part of it at whatever level you can :) Any and all is appreciated. The more money, the more art I can make, hehe. It’s like an addiction, but a productive one.


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