Design a Day (9)

Boxes 4 - 2 design by graphic artist wessel on black t shirt

Another day, another new design. Day 9 of Design a Day continues.

For those who are just joining us for the first time, let me give a quick rundown of what Design a Day is. And, for those of you who've been here before, enjoy the pretty looking pictures of a cool design on what I like to call it Pop Color Wear. But to explain, Design a Day is about me growing as a creative, challenging myself to continually be producing, and making some cool art. I figured the best way to do that is to release one new graphic design almost every day to my store. Six days a week, something new. It's gonna be rough, but, it's gonna be fun. Hope you all enjoy the ride and find something you like along the way.


Boxes 4 - 2 design by graphic artist wessel on army t shirt

As 2018 comes to a close I have to look back and laugh about what the heck has all happened this year.

Like a meat grinder the days have gone by churning non-stop. I can’t believe how much energy I’ve thrown into this new direction in my life. Sure, I’d been creating for 7 years as a someone would pay me to shoot. But, this, a whole new level. I am in no way the same person who ended 2017 wondering what 2018 would bring.

That’s the thing, I guess, you never know what the future is going to bring. Did I think a year ago I’d be living a truly cliche artist lifestyle in Los Angeles? filled with art supplies, paintings covering the walls, merchandise being worn around the country, planning an art show, looking for an agent? Not in a million years. It all came from a small decision to figure out how to get out the darkness that was building inside of me.

New design by graphic artist wessel on black hoodie
When you look around and really pay attention, as an artist does, the things you see can shake you to your core.

The questions most people refuse to ask themselves are like popcorn at a movie for us. Digging and digging and digging until you either get to an answer or, well, decide to stop digging. The answers to these questions, well, you need to find a way to get them out or you’ll go nuts.

I think that was my issue as a photographer...I was never fully able to get what I wanted to say out. I was never really able to voice my answers. I kept on getting cut off by my resources, money, people... it was frustrating. More frustrating than most people can imagine. It felt like I was screaming without a voice, day after day, week after week, year after year.

New design by graphic artist wessel on navy hoodie

But then I sat down with a chunk of graphite and a cheap dollar store sketch book. I removed all the variables in the equation but me.

I decided to try and find a way to say what I wanted to say, a different way, one that hopefully other people would understand, identify with, and hopefully be helped the way I was being helped. I removed judgement from myself knowing that it was going to be a long, likely lifelong journey.

I am so far from where I want to be as an artist that you can’t even begin to imagine. The stuff I’m putting out today, just raw scribbles, like a baby crying. But, they’re allowing me to finally voice the answers I’ve been finding to the questions I’ve been asking. Our world is wrong. In so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin....well I have begun, that’s what all this is, hehe.

Looking back over 2018, and forward into 2019 I’m both excited and scared.

For me, this moment feels like that calm before a storm. I’ve made the decision to keep on with this art thing knowing the costs because I hope for what the rewards might be. I’ll leave it to you to decide what I most want. Hopefully my art will give you the answer.

Until next year! Hope you enjoy this latest installment of my Design a Day with Boxes 4 - 3.

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New design by los angeles artist wessel on tote bag

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