Design a Day (8)

new graphic art design for the stick figures by artist Wessel

Another day, another new design. Day 8 of Design a Day continues.

For those who are just joining us for the first time, let me give a quick rundown of what Design a Day is. And, for those of you who've been here before, enjoy the pretty looking pictures of a cool design on what I like to call it Pop Color Wear. But to explain, Design a Day is about me growing as a creative, challenging myself to continually be producing, and making some cool art. I figured the best way to do that is to release one new graphic design almost every day to my store. Six days a week, something new. It's gonna be rough, but, it's gonna be fun. Hope you all enjoy the ride and find something you like along the way.


new graphic art design for the stick figures by los angeles graphic designer Wessel

Today I decided to mix thing up a little bit on the design end and head back to one of my earlier series, The Stick Figures.

It's been a long minute since I did any new graphic art with these little guys, but, like I said in an earlier post, I got tons of backlogged art that's done and just needs to be published. This is one I did just after Thanksgiving.

It's really interesting looking at these now, almost like looking back on a past life. I sometimes wonder what was going on in my head, why I chose certain colors, why the Stick Figures did what they did...then again I wonder that even as I'm creating it, hehe.


new graphic design for the stick figures by artist Wessel

I've had a number of friends look at this one over the last month, and each finds something a little different.

That's what I really love about this series, it's less abstract than the Boxes I've been putting out. People can put solid meaning to what they see happening inside the lines and describe it to me. There have definitely been some out-there kinds of stories people have told me. I'm always curious to hear what people have to say.

On my end, I drew this, like I said, just after coming back from Thanksgiving. Two weeks with my family in the midwest had been great, and being back in Los Angeles doing art again was almost like learning to draw again. If you've never lived or tried to do business here in Los Angeles, what I'm about to say might not make that much sense.


new graphic art t shirt design for the stick figures

It's like a pressure cooker here in Los Angeles.

There's almost a palatable force that begins to exert itself once you pass the city limits. Coal into diamonds, or coal into's that kind of place. The number of adversities you have to deal with and overcome here to make it in any sort of creative field, well, let's just say they're countless. Some get lucky, some don't. Hard work isn't always a factor, either, which sucks for those of us who work till our hands bleed.

The midwest is nothing like this, which was great. It was like being able to breath normally again, but, that release can also dull your edge. That's why this piece was probably the hardest I'd done in a while. Not only did my mind have to deal with all the normal stuff it does when creating, it had to find it's footing again in this environment where it's so easy to be ground down into nothing with a single misstep.


I'm curious to hear what you see in these figures.

What are they doing? What does this image mean to you? Would you buy a shirt, a hoodie, something to show it? Feedback is always appreciated :)

Hope you have a great day!

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new graphic art design for the stick figures by artist Wessel

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