Design a Day (5)

last in the boxes series 3 by los angeles artist wessel

Another day, another new design. Day 5 of Design a Day continues.

For those who are just joining us for the first time, let me give a quick rundown of what Design a Day is. And, for those of you who've been here before, enjoy the pretty looking pictures of a cool design on what I like to call it Pop Color Wear. But to explain, Design a Day is about me growing as a creative, challenging myself to continually be producing, and making some cool art. I figured the best way to do that is to release one new graphic design almost every day to my store. Six days a week, something new. It's gonna be rough, but, it's gonna be fun. Hope you all enjoy the ride and find something you like along the way.


last in the boxes series 3 by los angeles artist wessel

Over the last several days I had the double whammy of Christmas and a nasty case of food poisoning.

The new designs were done and waiting to be published, but, alas, actually getting to them didn't happen. So it goes. Even this morning as I'm writing this my head is still a bit mushy and I'm still recovering. Don't wonder what I ate because I have no idea what caused it. Needless to say, here I am back at it publishing a design a day.

I can't really say why my gut led me down the path of these Boxes. Perhaps it was my internal desire to see some sort of order in the universe around me as our world continues to tumble into a nasty mess. The balance between the colors through shape, size, and distribution acting as a calming affect that draws one in and allows the mind to just have fun for a second. Perhaps it had no real reason.


the latest graphic art design by wessel

Art is one of those things that has no boundaries, no definitions, no real place.

I constantly fight with the rules that have been imposed on my creativity...what things should look like, what meanings should be implied, why I'm doing this, you name it. The more I try and fit things into a category or put real reason behind it, the more it seems to slip away. Yet, the more i just let it flow, well, the more cool stuff flows out.

Not everything is for everyone. Some will like the designs I come up with, others will think them boring, repetitive, easily done by a six year old. And, to me, that's completely ok. I mean, a six year old's raw creativity outpaces any adults if you ask me anyways, hehe.


For now I'm going to keep on recovering, keep on acting, and keep on shouting about what cool graphic art I got sitting on my site waiting for someone to buy.

I have no shame about what I do and how I do it and will hopefully keep that as I continue this course as an artist.

I hope you enjoy the last in Series 3 of Boxes. I'm going to run through Series 4 next, hold off on 5 and perhaps give you a taste of other things that have been brewing in my head :)

Be well!


Check out the new designs here.


the latest graphic art design by wessel


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