Design a Day (17)

New Boxes design by Graphic artist Wessel

Another day, another new design. Day 16 of Design a Day continues.

For those who are just joining us for the first time, let me give a quick rundown of what Design a Day is. And, for those of you who've been here before, enjoy the pretty looking pictures of a cool design on what I like to call it Pop Color Wear. But to explain, Design a Day is about me growing as a creative, challenging myself to continually be producing, and making some cool art. I figured the best way to do that is to release one new graphic design almost every day to my store. Six days a week, something new. It's gonna be rough, but, it's gonna be fun. Hope you all enjoy the ride and find something you like along the way.

New Boxes design by Graphic artist Wessel

As much as I want to start up the Design a Day blog...

I've got a number of projects currently on my plate, but, I have loaded up a number in the queue so stay tuned over the next week for some new designs up on the site.  A number of these still need to be drawn, but, I think revisiting the Boxes series is going to be fun. Something I've noticed as I continue on this artist journey is that I may leave a certain topic for a while, but, whenever I get back to it there's something that's been added from everything else I'm doing.

I love that about art. You never really lose anything as you move forward, it just morphs, changes, evolves. I look back at a lot of my old work...old, lol, as if 1 year is a long time. But, it has been in terms of evolution. I've run through graphite, charcoal, ink, paint, sculpting, and a bunch of other stuff...pretty much non-stop movement looking for what works for me. And, as I go through all these different mediums, medias, techniques, whatnot, each adds to the previous.

New Boxes design by Graphic artist Wessel

It's kind of scary, kind of sad, usually surprising, and always interesting to me.

How is Series 6 going to turn out? I have no idea. The concept is going to be pretty simple, and hopefully self-explanatory once I get to the second and third. We'll see if we get to 4 and 5, depending on how long the paint in my markers holds out. Like many artists, feeling the crunch of making money and having to make do with what i have. Luckily I have a lot of supplies on the shelf and a good number of canvases to sell as well.

I wish I could think of some deep, meaningful post, or some insight into what just went up, but, not really. There are other designs that are going to be released soon that have a lot of cool back story I'll go into. Life in Los Angeles is crazy busy, and if you don't have something big to say, it's best to move on and get to the next thing. Which, for me this morning, is a video edit for a client.

I hope you enjoy this design! If you want to wear it around, check out the Latest Designs section. Everything there is always 10% off with discount code NEWDESIGN at the checkout.

Thanks and hope you have an awesome day!


New Boxes design by Graphic artist Wessel


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