Design a Day (12)

New Graphic designs by Los Angeles artist Wessel

Another day, another new design. Day 12 of Design a Day continues.

For those who are just joining us for the first time, let me give a quick rundown of what Design a Day is. And, for those of you who've been here before, enjoy the pretty looking pictures of a cool design on what I like to call it Pop Color Wear. But to explain, Design a Day is about me growing as a creative, challenging myself to continually be producing, and making some cool art. I figured the best way to do that is to release one new graphic design almost every day to my store. Six days a week, something new. It's gonna be rough, but, it's gonna be fun. Hope you all enjoy the ride and find something you like along the way.

Been a day, lol.

Once again I'd love to write a heartfelt and thoughtful piece but this morning I sat down and challenged myself to make 5 new Boxes pieces to play around with color. I've been doing a lot of sketches for commissions recently so it was fun to do something completely different. It also drained the heck out of me.

I'm going through this weird adjustment period right now. Figuring out a schedule that's will best fit how I work. When's the best time to sleep, when's the best time to create, work, communicate, meet, the whole thing. I should have figured all of this out a long time ago, but, better late than never.

Hope you enjoy the last in Boxes Series 4!

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