5 new designs a week, I promise

new pop art designs by LA artist Wessel

My clothing store has been open for close to a month now.

Crazy how fast time flies by. Every day has been a new lesson. There was something that I realized the other day, and it was an important realization to have as a creative trying to make a living off of art and graphic design...

I’m not adding enough to my store fast enough. Sure, I’m drawing and painting up a storm...but only my social media audience get to see the coolness...which is not so cool for everyone else.

So, to remedy this, I’ve decided to challenge myself to add (at least) 5 new designs a week.

At the pace I’m currently going with all I’m learning, that shouldn’t be too hard to keep up. Between the colorful geometric Boxes I’ve been obsessing on, to those Stick Figures that keep on popping out of my head, to the scribbles that sometimes claw their way through the darkness.

But, why 5? There’s actually a pretty interesting answer to that. It’s not random at all. I’m not exactly sure why but my mind has latched on to that number, hard. My gut has taught me that just doing 1 of something isn’t enough. There’s no context. Two kinda gives the idea of something, but, it still feels like the art is out their by itself. Hanging. Same with 3 or 4...good numbers, but, 5... more than 5, now, that’s where meaning begins to form.

In a way I kind of understand why. A couple years back now...wow...that time flying thing...I decided to do a 30 day series of self portraits with my Fujifilm Instax camera. Cheesy, cliche artist stuff, but, educational. I saw nothing at the beginning, other than randomness, but, the more I took, the more the narrative became clear. That small project actually became part of a larger one of self documentation...which is a story for it’s own post.

What’s coming up is a bunch more of my experiments with color in the way of Boxes.

The simple shapes and forms that made themselves clear in my first design series now evolves into something a bit more complex as I flex them into new geometric concepts. Bright colors, contrasts, complements, shapes within shapes and people finding their own meanings...really cool stuff. The friends and customers I’ve shown previews to are already chomping at the bit to get one...which as a new artist, is really encouraging.

Stay tuned for the new designs by me, Los Angeles graphic artist Wessel :)

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